Boot CampBoot Camp

Welcome to the GET TUFF BOOT CAMP, the ultimate Boot Camp experience in Sydney.

A GET TUFF BOOT CAMP consists of High-Intensity Cardio, Strength and Conditioning Training, Boxing,Group Exercises and caters to all fitness Levels. Using tried and tested methods from the British Army, a GET TUFF BOOT CAMP delivers intense workouts in a safe environment with guaranteed results!!

The GET TUFF BOOT CAMP is a strenuous activity, designed to push you to your maximum every session.Each session escalates in intensity; you will not believe what you can achieve by the end of a GET TUFF BOOT CAMP!!!

A GET TUFF BOOT CAMP costs $170 for  a 6 week camp (that 12 sessions at only $14 per session) or $200 for an 8 week camp (16 sessions at only  $12.50 per session).

GET TUFF TRAINING also offers private BOOT CAMPS for those wanting a personal, tailored training experience.

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